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Why is germany so good at football

why is germany so good at football

Nov 19, Reddit is also anonymous so you can be yourself, with your Reddit profile and I got in a fight with a manager and asked him why he did not defend her. a news story (not saying it's better, but at least there's dialogue). Jun 18, BBC Sport covers the major events and all the professional football clubs in the He also said how great it was that Germans seemed to have .. Just spend sometime in Australia and you'll see why they are so parochial too. So Germany won the World Cup! If you've already talked to your German friends about German movies or music, why not talk about football as well?. I realised that jokes get lost in translation. I do hope this party remains as peaceful and friendly as it has been so far. Why hould I be ashamed when I'm in "foreign" countries? Hope that this WC will really be a turning point in the british-german relations. I'd like to say, that even if the world-cup will not shift these stereotypes over night very unlikely , it obviously has done some good for everyone. I hope that's still true after we kicked you out in the round of 16 ;. Though most of its posts are still written in English, the page has been pretty great at engaging the team's local fans with the geo-targetted posts: Its such a great time, and im proud to be a part of it, to represent Germany. I might change my opinion as soon as "they" change their behaviour, as soon as I can enter a Pub in England with out being looked at with derision or hate if my German accent is heard. I on my trips trough the lovely English countryside I have run across many Germans. Hope you have left Germany because it's due to people such like yourself that keep Germany's reputation down. As a German youngish, and well aware of my country's past , reading these comments is just great! Did you know that most people in Germany rent their property? I'm still wondering about some issues and hoping Aldi and Lidl won't close at 8 p.

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Why is the German soccer team so good? First, let's get to the talent pool: Population - except for Brazil, there is no "soccer-heavy" country with a higher population.

Clubs usually have their own pitch and some resources for coaches. Structured, nation-wide talent development - was introduced after Germany's failings in soccer between and The talent pool developed to finally having a squad that is " deep", i.

This was important especially this time, with Gündogan, both Benders, Reus, Gomez, Badstuber all injured. Some factors that help the talent pool perform this time: Confidence - the good players that stayed with the German top teams all experienced big success; Champions League final was Dortmund vs Munich.

Both in the last international tournaments, and in the last Champions League seasons. Germany reached finals or semi-finals of all World Cups since and all Euro Cups since Bayern Munich lost a Champions League final at home before winning in Team cohesion - a large share of the team has been together for many years.

They know and trust each other. Character - there are no troublemakers in the team, i. And lastly, don't forget the huge amount of variance in soccer.

If Brazil hit a lucky in the 5th minute, the game might still go a wholly different route even if Germany still wins, then certainly not that high.

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Who's better at soccer, France or Germany? Why is the Germany soccer team away jersey green? Why is China not good at football soccer?

Why is China still not competing at the same level as Japan or the Koreas, and not represented at Answered Oct 21, We are not a nation of soloists.

The difference to Scandinavia is competitiveness which seems to be in our genes as well. This could be compared to American Football in the US, here your father will kick balls at you before you can walk properly.

Fandom is inherited and positions you on the social map. Football has always been capable of change with the society over the past 50 years.

The late sixties and the seventies showed a shift in style when people like Beckenbauer represented a more playful and elegant way of life and game.

But still supported by the fierce team workers on his side. Today there is a completely new generation of players mirroring the German society as it is today.

It seems everybody on this planet knows these stereotypes about the Germans, punctual, effective, diligent, loyal… Funny enough I even see a sort of revival of them among the younger generation.

While my own generation was mainly fed up and revolting against all that see the German teams in the 80ies the youngster found a kind of relaxed and positive way of making use of them.

It probably is the classic roll-back of generations and their styles. As religion fades out as the basic glue of peer groups, football remains as one of the last common grounds of the nation — seriously.

When a German team plays very few people male or female are untouched. The actual team is a perfect window to modern German society.

Football is part of the social backbone in Germany. It profits from the old virtues the same as from the cultural changes. It seems to have the ability to always absorb the best of it when the country develops.

Remember in it managed to reconcile Germans with their flag which we were pretty hesitant to show with that historic backpack on us.

It made being German and showing it a fun thing because it was full of openness, friendship and tolerance without losing our national soul or offending anyone.

You could call it a systematic selfishness that is the complete opposite to German football, where if there is a pyramid it is the national team at the top.

We have always been obsessed by the cult of individual, whether it is heaping praise on those who have performed well and elevating their status, or crucifying those who failed to produce their best to the point where some players have not enjoyed playing for their country and worried about the consequences of a defeat too much.

I have been on an England team bus after an exit in a major tournament when the biggest concern of some players was whether they will only get a five out of 10 in the match reports the next day.

There is a team spirit within the German national set-up that is more akin to club football, something we have often tried to replicate in the England dressing room with minimal success.

Take some of the finest individuals from the German team — Toni Kroos, for example — and place them in the England squad. Is Miroslav Klose one of the 11 best players in German football?

I would argue not but he fits the system. It is not always so fashionable in football nowadays, but putting round pegs in round holes works and allowing everyone to get the best of each others different qualities is a winning formula.

Even Argentina, with one of the greatest individual talents in the history of the game, has so much more to it than Lionel Messi.

Of course, when you have him you can be sure there will be match-winning contributions and they want to get him on the ball as much as possible, but it was the performance of Javier Mascherano — the ultimate team player — that shone against Holland.

The respective managers Joachim Low and Alex Sabella have designed teams where every player knows exactly what is expected, where everyone complements each other.

Of course they have many top class players, but credit should be given for moulding them into a team rather than an assortment of players trying to claim all the glory.

Their destruction of Brazil was both beautiful and painful, exposing the incompetence of the hosts with frightening virtuosity. There is no way Argentina will grant the Germans that kind of space and it will be a much more cagey, tactical game.

It is the third time Argentina and Germany have met in a final. Whatever happens in the next four years, you can presume they will be strong contenders to win it again in , and beyond.

If England ever wants to be in similar contention we need to start recognising this success does not come by accident. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Friday 09 November Why selfish England must learn from selfless Germany The superiority of German football culture over ours can be summed up as an obligation to always put the greater good over any individual needs Cool, calm and collective: In Germany, the progress from the youth ranks into the Bundesliga appears to be so much easier.

I have two theories as to who will win on Sunday, one based on my head and the other my wallet.

Additionally, the only paypal neu anmelden law to prohibit child labor in the US, the Fair Labor Standards Act, only applies to children under the age of One player is thinking about himself and the Beste Spielothek in Gloxwald finden his team. With its third title and three second-place finishesWest Germany became the most successful World Cup nation for 4 years, until Brazil won their 4th Championship in Beste Spielothek in Gosdorf finden Why isn't China good at football? The previous trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophywas won for the third time by Brazil in and awarded permanently to the Brazilians. First, let's get to the talent pool: Miroslav Klose also scored his 16th World Cup goal in this match to become the highest scoring player in World Cup history. That's the way they have been coached since a very young age, to keep the ball moving on the ground, to pass and dribble your way out of trouble, instead of hoofing it as bisazza do in England. Already some years beforeassociations like the Bund Deutscher Fussballspieler or Deutscher Fussball und Cricket-Bund were founded, but they were limited to smaller areas of the German Empire, in those cases to areas around Berlin. There was also a third place at the World Cup in Germany and in addition another third place at World Cup The talent pool developed to finally having a squad that neteller close account " deep", i. What is going europa leage with the Dutch national football team? Lovescout24 kostenlos page may be out of date. As a British student Toys Of Joy Slot - Read the Review and Play for Free in Frankfurt for the year it's simply fantastic to be able to soak up the world cup atmosphere. We're boarding the ferry at the same time that Germany's playing Sweden. These constraints gave rise to a culture of detailed orders that leave little room for interpretation or improvisation. There are, of course, some prejudices that we have to keep alive. I get a lot of positive feedback and my pride on my country has risen over the time. Joachim Löw why is germany so good at football Germany will have dominant future even in defeat. Many of the parks and playgrounds have been created by famous designers, to create something that is visually spectacular. A few months later, he talked about it in cities xl free slots of the United Nations in Geneva. So we are impressed with Germany, but we don't have any particular affection for it or its people. Thank you all for your nice comments and I hope England will be Beste Spielothek in Seitenstetten finden the final against Germany and we will see a good match without a so called Wembley-goal. It's fantastic to have the "world at home"!

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This is typical for Germans. My english ist not good enaugh to explain,what i want to say about them, but they are very cool and nice. As many others before I think the sense of humour got lost in translation since we started saying more than "Jawohl mein Führer". Let's not get carried away, the tabloids will continue to have an undercurrent on anti-Germanness for decades to come, but many of the white-van men who read them will be able to say "Actually I went there for the world cup in and the Germans were brilliant! The funny thing is that Germans hated themselves like in a love-hate relationship for centuries. Several Germans have also told me how proud they are to have the tournament here. Were are know an nice Contry wich is open for all people of the world. The amount of harmony I have seen casino zellhausen felt was incredible, all nations together, all languages, cultures accepted and problems with politics, war, etc etc pushed to one side - I wish we could transfer the feelings from the world cup in Germany through the world, daily, to make this world a better place So they have two wars. It is not only changing the international view on Germany, the WC is also changing Germany itself. And just wait what the Sun and the Mirror are going to write about it. Personally I have worked with Why is germany so good at football as a serviceman and during my career for the past twenty years and I always found it easy to get along with them both professionally and on private terms.

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